December 30, 2009

Neck warmer as a gift

I was searching around on the web to find a simple pattern for making a neck warmer. I kept seeing them everywhere and thought that would be something I could make for a Christmas present. After shopping for some fleece, and sewing a simple tube, this is the end results. Although a bit large, it still is comfy cozy on those cold winter days. Here is my boyfriend wearing his new neck warmer. He says, " I like it better than wearing a scarf". Now I just need to make myself one for these cold days of walking the dog. Here is the tutorial on how to make one of these:

September 8, 2009

In The Works

About a month ago, a leather watch from my shop
Malamoose Beadery was chosen by an editor of a magazine to be photographed for a section called Eco-friendly accessories. She asked me to send her the watch so they could photograph it and she would send it back unworn. At this time I was a little skeptical since I had been receiving e-mail asking me to update some account info, but that's a whole other story. After thinking about it long and hard...I did send the watch to NYC. The worst case scenario, I was out of a watch, best case I would be featured in a magazine right before the holidays!!! I did get the watch back into my hands and can't wait to see the spread in November's issue coming out this October. I'll post more about this topic once I see the magazine in my hands. Still super excited!

August 30, 2009

Grand Opening!

Malamoose Beadery is pleased to offer leather and beaded watches, small totes, and other fun accessories at
New Leaf Contemporary Art Gallery and Gift Boutique.
Opening its doors for the first time in Saratoga Springs, NY on Saturday September 5, 2009.
Join the owner, Jeromy McFarren, and friends for this celebration of local artists craft and art.

August 5, 2009

Zepher Update

By now you may all know that my boyfriend and I have adopted a puppy and named her Zepher. We were told that she was going to be a Sheppard/Lab mix, however we think that she is some kind of Hound dog. Zepher is 7 months old now, still trips over her large paws, and weighs in at 50 lbs this week. But since she is still a puppy she's only going to get larger. After a battle of not wanting to have the dog sleep on the bed with us, this is what we found...

She isn't exactly sleeping on the bed with us but she does get up on the bed when we aren't looking. My boyfriend said, "We're going to loose this battle so we mise well give in". The next morning I find him in bed with the dog cuddled up close with her head resting on his chest.

August 1, 2009

Another Fun Read

I've actually never gotten into reading too many blogs until now. My brother, who is living in Florida was suppose to come visit over the summer. However, Ryan (my brother) and my cousin Jacob have decided to go on a road trip cross country. I've been drooling to do something like this since I was in my teens. I don't have enough guts to pack up and leave to travel alone. Wouldn't know what to do if I got stranded on the side of the road somewhere because of car troubles, or worse....trampled by a heard of buffalo. I'm not sure what age we decide that things become scary and are afraid to do things outside the box. Even if you do think it's going to be fun, you seem to second guess yourself about the situations that happen in our everyday lives. They are making this trip because my cousin is going to be living in California. So just maybe, I will find myself taking this exact route. Check out how much fun they are having!

Jake and Ryan's Road Trip the travels of two men going across country and keeping count of license plates along the way.

June 27, 2009

New to Malamoose Beadery on Etsy

Here are a couple of watches that I've been working on over the last couple of days I've enjoyed off. Since it's been raining I've been stuck inside and not out in the garden. Enjoy!

"Victorian Grape"
A 7 inch beaded watch in vintage Lucite teardrops in Amethyst and copper findings
price: $40

One of a Kind, yellow Lucite beaded watch
price: $35

Many more One of a Kind items at Malamoose Beadery!

June 20, 2009

Where I've Been Hiding

It's been too long since I've last posted on this blog. Sorry! Summer is a great time to get inspired again with the sun shining, the green grass, and the water so inviting on a hot sticky day. As many of you may know by now nature is one of my greatest inspirations to new creations. Here is where I've been hiding....

While on a walk with the dog, my boyfriend found this great little brooke. After being couped up inside the dog is let off the leash to run freely. Talk about a crazy dog!

Inspired by all this green and the movement of the dog and water, I've created these beautiful green garnet and sterling silver earrings. Sorry! These have been sold arleady. Just goes to show that nature is a great place to look for inspiration. I dont' think that these stayed in the shop for more than a week!

However, I have been working on other watches and earrings that are still available for sale. Come and see them at Malamoose Beadery. Just one of the many great shops on !

June 4, 2009

Beading Fun

This past weekend my mother took me to my first bead expo. It started bright and early with me figuring out what jewelry I was going to wear with my outfit so that I could show off my creations. With all those fabulous beads there, someone was bound to be looking for new ideas. I decided on a necklace that I've made from a photograph of some beautiful summer flowers. You can see the photograph here at Malamoose Photography on Etsy. The piece that I wore was turned into a pendant that looks like this one only in the other picture. I did get one complement as we were leaving the expo.
As a buyer I definitely recommend going to a bead show. Its a bit overwhelming at first, but if you go with items in mind, you will find that it's a place to shop as well as drool over the magnificent colors!

May 26, 2009

Rock Garden In Progress

Since the weather here in Vermont has changed for the better, I've been outside enjoying some gardening. I never thought I would enjoy this hobby as much as I have. I'm looking forward to what other new things Summer will bring me. Being new owners to a property that has just about everything one can ask makes it a bit easy to do this job. I just put some sweat into it to make it our own. So I hope you enjoy looking at these before and after photographs of the rock garden I'm currently working on....

Rock garden taken early Spring before things started growing. As you see the rocks needed a bit of tending to. After I got to play the game of is this a weed or a plant. Nothing was labeled!

Did a bit of weeding, transplanting, and worked on rebuilding some of the rock wall.

Transplanted this blue plant, still not sure what it is. Working on getting the rest of these weeds out later this week. We are currently getting rain....

After a couple days work, this is the path from the other side. Soon to be a relaxing patio with chairs or maybe a hammock.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been working on. I'm always up for suggestions!
Do you know of any sites that help with identifying plants and flowers? If so send me an email at

May 2, 2009

Moving garden outside

This weekend we will be transplanting the veggie garden to the outdoors. I'm a little nervous about this but they say it will be ok. Even if we did get some frost the other night. Here are some photographs of what we will be moving.

squash and cucumbers


green beans

April 24, 2009

3 month old puppy

Zepher is now 3 months old. I had to take her to the vet last week to get another booster shot and the vet told me that he thinks she will be bigger than he told me last time I was there. Still uncertain how big she is going to be, but I was told medium, now it's looking like she's going to be a large dog. She's weighing in at 20 pounds compared to the 8 lbs she was a month ago. Here she is with her new collar. The markings on her back keep changing.

Play time with her best friend who's a year old Great Dane. She's the size of his head!

Nap time with the toys.

April 17, 2009


Malamoose Beadery is having a SALE!!! I will be celebrating the month of April by having a sale for the entire month! Hurry on by to save some money on great gift ideas for Mother's Day!

Sunset dangle earrings Price: $12

Pink, Black, and White MOD beaded watch Price: $35

Long brown and blue beaded necklace Price: $30

I will be offering FREE gift wrapping on all items!

Custom orders welcome!

April 14, 2009

Spring Treasury That I was Featured In

Thanks to peekabooproductions I have been featured in a treasury. My photo is of the tulips along the walkway. Thanks for featuring me! Check out this gorgeous spring treasury here .

April 10, 2009

Starting A Garden

You can find many starter kits like this one at your local garden shop or home improvement shops. Mine includes: soil, seeds, plant food, twine, and the containers to plant in.
After a couple of days I already had a garden starting. First thing that came out were the Squash. They took over the container! As a first time gardener I do suggest that you read the instructions. I however didn't read, and planted several seeds in the same compartment. You are only suppose to put one seed into each. Woopsie! I just figured that some of the seeds wouldn't come up or stay alive so I planted 3-4 seeds in each compartment.

Here's what mine looks like after a week. I have tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, basil, oregano, carrots, and beans. The peppers are taking a bit longer, but they should be there soon.

Full size of garden container 74 compartments.

I think this is going to be a cucumber. A good idea to mark your garden with what's in it!

Basil and Oregano

I hope that all of these make it outside. I'm going to be testing my green thumb this year and as always I'm looking forward to this adventure!

April 5, 2009

Coffee Drink Of The Day

This is one of my favorite drinks that I've created while being a barista at a cafe in Vermont. When ordering this at your local cafe you may just want to ask for a vanilla latte then add cinnamon and honey yourself. This will prevent you from getting that blank look and the barista should know what you are talking about. Warning: this drink is very addicting!

Honey Buzz Latte

1 teaspoon of honey
1 shot of vanilla syrup
1 shot espresso (2 shots espresso for large)
dash of cinnamon
steamed milk

Mix all ingredient together and enjoy the taste with your favorite scone or biscotti!

April 3, 2009

One Year Anniversary Sale at Malamoose Beadery

I just wanted to share with everyone that Malamoose Beadery has been opened for one year as of today! In honor of this time I will be offering FREE shipping to anyone in the U.S. along with gift wrapping on all items. This is a great time to save a little money and get that perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one!

Choose from One of a kind watches, earrings, purses, and other small accessories. For those of you making your own jewelry, soaps, or other little items, you may be interested in these small re-usable pouches for your own gift giving ideas. You can take advantage of this SALE the whole month of April!

Thanks for looking!

March 29, 2009

Backyard Finds

We had just a few of these stones showing but once we started digging we found more. Makes for a great walkway from the deck to the backyard.

Why we have a painted Easter egg in one of the garden's is beyond me.

I've been watching the bulbs poke their way through the soil, then I saw this.

March 23, 2009

Zepher 10 weeks old

Zepher at 10 weeks old

Many of you have wanted to see what my puppy is growing up into. So far she has been a great companian to our home. She's overcome the potty training, and has learned to sit and laydown, walk on a leash, and come when she feels like it. I just love having her around. I can't wait to have her go swimming with us this summer. Hopefully she likes the water....

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March 15, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

I woke up this morning early to let the little puppy out and it was bitter cold with frost on the ground. I even had to warm up the car to defrost the windshield. However when I left work later that evening, I came out to find it almost 60 degrees and clear skies. I was so excited!
My boyfriend decided to clean up the yard. After raking leaves he came across some bulbs that are starting to come up. As new home owners we aren't exactly sure what is in our back yard just yet. We supposedly have a lilac tree, blueberries and raspberry bushes, and a few raised flower beds that who knows what the past home owners used for. Here's a picture of the back yard when we first looked at the house this past fall.

March 8, 2009

Meet Zepher

This is our new puppy Zepher. She's a 7 week old German Shepard mix that my boyfriend and I have adopted. This isn't her best photo, but it's only day one, and I'm sure there will be others. She's a handful romping around and chewing on anything that might not be her rope. Don't worry, I've hidden my shoes!

March 5, 2009

New Watches On Etsy

Here are two of my new watches that are available at

"Tiled In A Zen Garden"

"Midnight Shine"

I had fun photographing these two watches! If you would like to see some more photographs come and visit me on Flickr

March 3, 2009

Things to come

What colors are you working with this year? Here's a sneak peak at my new Spring collection. It will be featuring copper, greens, yellows, and a lots of different texture from beads to leather. Come and see what I've done with these beads at Malamoose Beadery. All watches and accessories are handmade in Vermont and are a one of a kind item.

February 28, 2009

Getting A Puppy

This past year I've really been wanting to get a puppy. Now that I have a new house, and things are settling down, I think that we are ready to add to the family. I've always wanted a Weimaraner and think that after reading about this breed it's the perfect match for me. As you see these dogs love the camera. You may even remember seeing these beautiful dogs on Sesame Street with William Wegman's dogs Fay and Ray dressed up, or the puppies laying down in a pattern of a letter. William Wegman also has books and calendars of these spirited dogs. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these cuties!

February 24, 2009

Winter, Where's Spring?

I'm so tired of the snow! This past weekend we had a really bad snow storm that put the car in front of me off the road. I was going a measly 40 miles/hr on a state highway, covered with snow and ice, when all of the sudden the other car spun out of control! Luckily I was able to slow down, even come to a stop! I wasn't sure where the car was going to land after doing a complete 360. After they hit the bridge, I pulled over and reported the accident. Thankfully no body was hurt!
While snow is falling in Vermont, my brother and sister-in-law are enjoying what Florida has to offer. Do you think that they are shoveling the driveway or de-icing the windshield, nope, they are taking bicycle rides and planting gardens. So I'm just going to stop the ranting and wish that some of that Florida weather would get here already!

February 18, 2009

TAGGED- Folder 6 Picture No.6 !

Thanks to Michelle from Urban Junkies Artist Lounge I have been tagged!
Here are the rules:
Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same!

Here it is: Folder 6 Picture No.6

Christmas Breakfast!

On Christmas morning my father cooks an amazing breakfast for the family. Here he is plating up scrabbled eggs on an English muffin and topping it off with a cheddar cheese sauce that is to die for. Bacon and Cinnamon buns are not to be forgotten as we all sit around the table talking and waiting to open presents.

So, I'm tagging...

1. Bonz Photography
2. Cocoa Brown- GRANDMA'S ALTER EGO!
3. Moon of Glass
4. Melissa- Shimmer Me Blue
5. Jan- Expressive Papers
6. Michelle- Michelles Charm World

This is a fun little game so keep it going!

February 11, 2009

Malamoose Beadery Valentine's Day Sale

I would like to invite everyone to my shop for a Sale. There is only a couple days left to enjoy Free shipping to anywhere in the United States. I'm also offering free gift wrapping so that you can save time being with your loved ones. Hurry into Malamoose Beadery sale ends Feb 17th!

Serpentine flower bracelet

Eye Candy Multi-strand Beaded Watch

Glass and Bamboo Beaded Watch

Malamoose Beadery is a great place to find OOAK beaded and leather watches, jewelry, and other fun accessorries. Custom orders are always welcome. Thanks for looking!

January 30, 2009

Hidden Photography

I was searching on Etsy and came across this stunning photograph of downtown Los Angeles by Urban Junkies Photography. If you are looking to fill up your walls with a unique photograph of urban street scenes, architecture, or wonderful close-ups of natures beauties than I suggest taking a peek at Michelle's gallery. She definitely knows how to capture color and movement!

January 28, 2009

Getting Over The Winter Blues

It's been quite some time since my last post. I've finally gotten my laptop back after leaving it behind at my parents house over the holidays. This making it quite difficult to do business. But now that it's back I have no excuse. Ok maybe the winter blues has delayed me from writing a few times too. While unpacking more boxes in my new house I came across these photos of Hawaii. Maybe they will help you get over all the snow we've just been given. Enjoy looking and if you would like any to hang on you wall just visit me Malamoose Photography I'm sure Bethany wouldn't mind working out something. You can also see some other great photographs that are inspirational at times like these. Enjoy looking!