January 28, 2009

Getting Over The Winter Blues

It's been quite some time since my last post. I've finally gotten my laptop back after leaving it behind at my parents house over the holidays. This making it quite difficult to do business. But now that it's back I have no excuse. Ok maybe the winter blues has delayed me from writing a few times too. While unpacking more boxes in my new house I came across these photos of Hawaii. Maybe they will help you get over all the snow we've just been given. Enjoy looking and if you would like any to hang on you wall just visit me Malamoose Photography I'm sure Bethany wouldn't mind working out something. You can also see some other great photographs that are inspirational at times like these. Enjoy looking!


  1. i love that sea turtle photo!!!!
    hawaii looks gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! Still working on getting this blog the way I want it. Thought Hawaii was a great place to go and would love to be there these days.

  3. Wow, your work is wonderful... and that turtle is the CUTEST!!