December 23, 2008

Etsy Forums, The Easy Way to Promote

How long is too long to be spending on the computer learning about new ways to promote yourself? If you are like me, your soaking up all this FREE information that the Etsy forums has to offer. Thank you VieleraDesigns for starting this thread about promoting, advertising, and selling online, . I feel like some days I'm doing nothing but trying to promote my shop, and then thinking to myself was it worth it sitting around on the computer all day? You just need to find the right balance of promoting and crafting. I stick to one or two days on the computer and the others creating.
The time spent online is well worth it! After opening up on June 18th, 2008 I was featured on the Front Page of Etsy June 30th. Although I'm not sure where or how I was found, I do know that most likely it was from the forums since that was the only place I new of at that time. Everyone who spends time in the forums knows that there is always more to learn. From promoting your shops, to how-to's for photographing like a pro, the Etsy forums is a great tool to use.
Now if you aren't familiar on how to find the forums, sign in to your shop, click on Community(middle top of page) and then click on the Forums. Once in there you will see lots of different topics, choose one and see what there is to offer!

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  1. That's what I need to get better at - balance. The computer keeps cutting into my sewing time b/c there is so much fun & interesting things I run across in the forums & blogs.
    Thanks for the thread link :)