December 6, 2008

Work Spaces

We've been moving into a house over Thanksgiving weekend and it's been a bit stressful. I'm still trying to find our cutting boards...not sure if they got left behind at the apartment or are just sitting in a box that is waiting to get unpacked. Here's a tip I've heard before, make sure your boxes are labeled! If I had done this maybe the cutting boards wouldn't be missing.
Having a house means more space. Everyone knows that you can never have enough space for all the projects yoru wanting to do. I was working from the corner of a living room on a small table in my old apartment. One night I was trying to download pictures from my digital camera to my laptop when my camera fell from the table onto the floor. I felt like crying! I thought it was broken when I saw the lens had popped off. After inspecting it, and making sure my baby was ok, I picked it up and said, "I need more space for all my stuff!" I now have my very own studio and no more being cramped in a corner. I have tons of storage, shelves, and even a closet to keep the mess hidden. I can't wait to unpack and get my studio set up. Now just if I could find...
I would love to hear about your craft area/studio. What is your favorite thing about your workspace? What color is your room? I will be posting a photograph of my new studio in the future. But here is where I was making all my purses and watches you can find on

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