June 27, 2009

New to Malamoose Beadery on Etsy

Here are a couple of watches that I've been working on over the last couple of days I've enjoyed off. Since it's been raining I've been stuck inside and not out in the garden. Enjoy!

"Victorian Grape"
A 7 inch beaded watch in vintage Lucite teardrops in Amethyst and copper findings
price: $40

One of a Kind, yellow Lucite beaded watch
price: $35

Many more One of a Kind items at Malamoose Beadery!

June 20, 2009

Where I've Been Hiding

It's been too long since I've last posted on this blog. Sorry! Summer is a great time to get inspired again with the sun shining, the green grass, and the water so inviting on a hot sticky day. As many of you may know by now nature is one of my greatest inspirations to new creations. Here is where I've been hiding....

While on a walk with the dog, my boyfriend found this great little brooke. After being couped up inside the dog is let off the leash to run freely. Talk about a crazy dog!

Inspired by all this green and the movement of the dog and water, I've created these beautiful green garnet and sterling silver earrings. Sorry! These have been sold arleady. Just goes to show that nature is a great place to look for inspiration. I dont' think that these stayed in the shop for more than a week!

However, I have been working on other watches and earrings that are still available for sale. Come and see them at Malamoose Beadery. Just one of the many great shops on Etsy.com !

June 4, 2009

Beading Fun

This past weekend my mother took me to my first bead expo. It started bright and early with me figuring out what jewelry I was going to wear with my outfit so that I could show off my creations. With all those fabulous beads there, someone was bound to be looking for new ideas. I decided on a necklace that I've made from a photograph of some beautiful summer flowers. You can see the photograph here at Malamoose Photography on Etsy. The piece that I wore was turned into a pendant that looks like this one only in the other picture. I did get one complement as we were leaving the expo.
As a buyer I definitely recommend going to a bead show. Its a bit overwhelming at first, but if you go with items in mind, you will find that it's a place to shop as well as drool over the magnificent colors!