February 28, 2009

Getting A Puppy

This past year I've really been wanting to get a puppy. Now that I have a new house, and things are settling down, I think that we are ready to add to the family. I've always wanted a Weimaraner and think that after reading about this breed it's the perfect match for me. As you see these dogs love the camera. You may even remember seeing these beautiful dogs on Sesame Street with William Wegman's dogs Fay and Ray dressed up, or the puppies laying down in a pattern of a letter. William Wegman also has books and calendars of these spirited dogs. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these cuties!

February 24, 2009

Winter, Where's Spring?

I'm so tired of the snow! This past weekend we had a really bad snow storm that put the car in front of me off the road. I was going a measly 40 miles/hr on a state highway, covered with snow and ice, when all of the sudden the other car spun out of control! Luckily I was able to slow down, even come to a stop! I wasn't sure where the car was going to land after doing a complete 360. After they hit the bridge, I pulled over and reported the accident. Thankfully no body was hurt!
While snow is falling in Vermont, my brother and sister-in-law are enjoying what Florida has to offer. Do you think that they are shoveling the driveway or de-icing the windshield, nope, they are taking bicycle rides and planting gardens. So I'm just going to stop the ranting and wish that some of that Florida weather would get here already!

February 18, 2009

TAGGED- Folder 6 Picture No.6 !

Thanks to Michelle from Urban Junkies Artist Lounge I have been tagged!
Here are the rules:
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Here it is: Folder 6 Picture No.6

Christmas Breakfast!

On Christmas morning my father cooks an amazing breakfast for the family. Here he is plating up scrabbled eggs on an English muffin and topping it off with a cheddar cheese sauce that is to die for. Bacon and Cinnamon buns are not to be forgotten as we all sit around the table talking and waiting to open presents.

So, I'm tagging...

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4. Melissa- Shimmer Me Blue
5. Jan- Expressive Papers
6. Michelle- Michelles Charm World

This is a fun little game so keep it going!

February 11, 2009

Malamoose Beadery Valentine's Day Sale

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