February 24, 2009

Winter, Where's Spring?

I'm so tired of the snow! This past weekend we had a really bad snow storm that put the car in front of me off the road. I was going a measly 40 miles/hr on a state highway, covered with snow and ice, when all of the sudden the other car spun out of control! Luckily I was able to slow down, even come to a stop! I wasn't sure where the car was going to land after doing a complete 360. After they hit the bridge, I pulled over and reported the accident. Thankfully no body was hurt!
While snow is falling in Vermont, my brother and sister-in-law are enjoying what Florida has to offer. Do you think that they are shoveling the driveway or de-icing the windshield, nope, they are taking bicycle rides and planting gardens. So I'm just going to stop the ranting and wish that some of that Florida weather would get here already!


  1. Wow, what it must be like to live somewhere where you get a lot of snow. I'm from Northeast Georgia and it gets chilly from time to time but we very rarely get snow nowadays. I think I've seen about 5 minutes of snow flurries so far this winter. However, sometimes we do end up with some snow or wintry mix more toward March, so there is still a chance here. You can send me some snow and I'll send you some warmer weather!

  2. oh my bethany! i am glad you are ok!! be careful out there!
    sending some warm california sunshine your way...
    -michelle :)

  3. Glad you were able to stop! I miss the snow, because I've been spoilt by the California weather!