August 5, 2009

Zepher Update

By now you may all know that my boyfriend and I have adopted a puppy and named her Zepher. We were told that she was going to be a Sheppard/Lab mix, however we think that she is some kind of Hound dog. Zepher is 7 months old now, still trips over her large paws, and weighs in at 50 lbs this week. But since she is still a puppy she's only going to get larger. After a battle of not wanting to have the dog sleep on the bed with us, this is what we found...

She isn't exactly sleeping on the bed with us but she does get up on the bed when we aren't looking. My boyfriend said, "We're going to loose this battle so we mise well give in". The next morning I find him in bed with the dog cuddled up close with her head resting on his chest.


  1. Oooh well, I had this times, too!
    Young dogs somehow need this warmth and closeness and it will end in a short while!
    They are still kids...
    See our new dogblog with also pix of Gizmo in bed; those times ended abruptly in a certain age :)) Welcome to:!
    European Tailwags
    Beatrice and Gizmo

  2. Hahaha, I think maybe it was two against one. Dogs have a psychic skill that amazes me and I bet Zepher "knew" your boyfriend wanted a cuddle. She is adorable! I have a foxhound mix I rescued and she is the sweetest thing!

  3. it's a battle worth losing to see such cuteness everyday!
    the critters have us all trained so well! lol! ;)

  4. Yeah about Zepher nice to hear..

    i love pets..