May 26, 2009

Rock Garden In Progress

Since the weather here in Vermont has changed for the better, I've been outside enjoying some gardening. I never thought I would enjoy this hobby as much as I have. I'm looking forward to what other new things Summer will bring me. Being new owners to a property that has just about everything one can ask makes it a bit easy to do this job. I just put some sweat into it to make it our own. So I hope you enjoy looking at these before and after photographs of the rock garden I'm currently working on....

Rock garden taken early Spring before things started growing. As you see the rocks needed a bit of tending to. After I got to play the game of is this a weed or a plant. Nothing was labeled!

Did a bit of weeding, transplanting, and worked on rebuilding some of the rock wall.

Transplanted this blue plant, still not sure what it is. Working on getting the rest of these weeds out later this week. We are currently getting rain....

After a couple days work, this is the path from the other side. Soon to be a relaxing patio with chairs or maybe a hammock.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been working on. I'm always up for suggestions!
Do you know of any sites that help with identifying plants and flowers? If so send me an email at


  1. Wonderful progress! I just put a week into my perennial beds and know how hard it is. LOL Your new space will be gorgeous when you get it finished.