October 23, 2010

Amazing People

There are some amazing people in this world and we all know at least one. I'd like to take a moment and tell you about a couple I know.

Mackenzie, and her sidekick Kate, are known for their Meatbagz. These awesome totes, with a wicked sense of humor, will help you lug around all your prized possessions whether you're male or female. These two woman rummaged through their scraps wondering who they could give them to. After thinking about it long and hard, Malamoose came to mind and is now happy to have some very awesome scrap leather. I can't wait to work on projects using this vintage leather. Thanks guys!

Another person I'd like to give a shout out to is my friend Jeromy. After working together in a camera shop and sharing our passion for the arts, Jeromy has inspired me to give back to the locals as well as help out those in need. Jeromy has just started a blog called Small Happenings , I suggest you check it out and see what other inspiring ideas he has to talk about.

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