November 15, 2008

Meet Malamoose and Godiva

Meet Malamoose. This is my first blog entry, and I’m hoping you aren’t skipping out just yet. In the future you will find inspirational photographs, art, handcrafted items, and a lot of sweet little things. I enjoy drinking coffee and know if you are a designer, crafter, and/or person like myself, then you too have your cup within arms reach.

Meet Godiva. She is a lab/border collie mix that I’ve adopted. I remember going into the shop and looking at all the puppies and then seeing her sweet little face. At that moment I knew she was the one! She fit in the palm of my hand the day I took her home. Now Godiva weighs about 45lbs and can’t get enough of playing fetch, snoring in her sleep, and keeping me company.
I hope you enjoy checking back each week to see what Malamoose and Godiva have been up too.


  1. What a beauty! Wish I can have one too...but we live in a small flat, so owning such an active dog is not quite possible here. Enjoy on your new blogging adventure :)